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Achieve Increased Revenue and Elevated Dental Health for patients.

Dental Goal Tracker enables practices to collaborate with their teams in a more effective manner. Transparency on office goals and their visualized alignment helps business owners and managers communicate the bigger picture and reach new levels of achievement.


Stay Focused

DGT displays only the most essential data, eliminating information overload, leaving more time to concentrate on patients.

Develop Employee Engagement

Quick access to key data on your mobile device or tablet for use during morning huddles, driving your team to achieve more.

Understand Your Data

Observe a simple and transparent approach to scheduled and completed dentistry management.

Production Redefined

The ability to deliver high quality dentistry focused on moving patients toward 100% dental health is what matters most.

Big Dreams to Small Actions

Advanced algorithms are used to distribute the yearly goal into small, achievable monthly and daily  goals.

View Trends Over Time

Visual day-by-day progress updates gives you the ability to see what is and isn’t working so you can take action.

Pricing and Sign-Up

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does It Work?

Dental Goal Tracker takes the annual net production goal that you have set up for your practice and breaks it up into daily goals for you and your team. Your daily goals should change each day according to how you are actually performing so, Dental Goal Tracker uses a calculation system that takes all of this into perspective. We know from experience that things happen in a Dental practice and as the year rolls along, work days change and production fluctuates. These changes matter and make a big difference in your quest to hit your goals. Dental Goal Tracker smoothes all of that out for you so that you can be confident that you are trending in the right direction!

How Do I Set It Up?

Setting up Dental Goal Tracker is easy and requires just 3 Steps:

Step 1-Identify your Annual Dentistry Goal (Net Production Goal) for the practice.

Step 2-Identify the days of the week your practice is typically closed.

Step 3-Identify any additional days during the year where you know the practice will be closed. Holidays, vacation days, Continuing Education, training, etc. (If you don’t know all of these during set up, you can always come back and add or delete as the year goes on. The great news is, anytime you make these changes, Dental Goal Tracker, automatically recalculates your goals!)

Start Tracking!!

How Do I Use It Daily?

We have learned from experience that keeping things simple when it comes to tracking your goals is one of the key drivers in people actually hitting their goals so, the daily use of Dental Goal Tracker literally takes 30 seconds and is done with just 2 simple steps:

Here is a scenario. It is Monday morning and you are ready to meet with the team to go over the goals for the day…

Step 1-Enter in your total net production from the previous work day, which in this case would be Friday, then…

Step 2-Enter in the amount of scheduled dentistry you have on the books that day.

Click Update!

3 items will populate on your Customize Dashboard:

The Daily Goal for that day

The Amount of Scheduled Dentistry for that day

Your “Daily Gap” -The daily gap is the difference between the amount of dentistry you have scheduled for the day versus your daily goal. For example, let’s say your Daily Goal for Monday is $4500 yet you have $3500 in scheduled dentistry that day, your daily gap is $1000.

Is It Free To Try?

Yes it is.

We offer a 60 Day Free Trial of Dental Goal Tracker. You will be prompted to enter your payment credit/debit card information to unlock the tracker but you will not be billed or charged for the first 60 days. You can cancel your trial anytime between day 1 and day 60 if you are not happy.

How Much Does It Cost?

Dental Goal Tracker costs $59 a month.

What Is Your Refund Policy?

We offer a no-questions-asked refunds to all customers within 30 days of your purchase. If you have purchased a month to month subscription you may cancel up to the day before automatic renewal. If you are not thrilled with the product or are not enjoying the experience, then we have no interest in forcing you to stay an unhappy member.

Can I Cancel My Plan At Anytime?

Yes you can.

Just fill out the form on the contact us page.

Who Can I Contact With Any Questions?

You can contact us by filling the out the form on our contact us page.

Any Future Additions to Dental Goal Tracker?

Yes we are.

Currently, Dental Goal Tracker is set up for you to track towards 1 goal per practice, however, we are in the works of building an upgrade subscription that would allow you to set up a goal for each provider in the practice. The great news is, the individual goals will roll up into the practice goal while at the same time, provide you with the individual customization that could be crucial in building a fine tuned practice. We will be in touch soon when the upgrade is available!!

What Reports Are Available?

In an effort to keep things simple we created just a couple reports that we feel from experience will help you stay on track with both your goals and your teams.

Our most popular report is the Day by Day Summary Report. Each day, you have the ability to look and see which days during the month your teams hit your goal and which days you missed. It will not only show you if you missed or hit your goal but by how much you missed or hit. This is super important because it will help you identify trends in your practice. You may look back at the month and determine that you are missing your goal every Tuesday. This will help you dig in a little deeper to figure out why.


How To Setup Your Account

Understanding Your Tracker Reports


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